March for Truth

March for Truth June 3 2017There are various MARCH FOR TRUTH events taking place today nationwide. To get up in Trump’s grill, find a local march



March for Truth June 3 2017There are MARCH FOR TRUTH events taking place in New York and Bedminster today…

Foley Square, New York City. March For Truth NYC, 9-10:30 AM. Program & Gathering. 10:30 AM- NOON, march south.

Bedminster, NJMarch For Truth Bedminster. 11AM – 12:30PM at River Road Park for rally, and march to the field outside the Bedminster public library, just down the road from Trump’s private club.

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  1. Libby, thanks for sharing. David Brooks and Mark Shields noted how little the President’s Paris withdrawal speech had to do with the truth. The key bottom line on Paris. It is voluntary, so if there was something he did not like, he could have changed the mission for the US without pulling out. Yet, he wanted to portray how this is so unfair to the US using data out of context or incorrectly. Keith

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  2. Thanks for sharing! It is inspiring and encouraging to see how many are standing firm against Trump’s disastrous policies! No matter how much some claimed to hate President Obama and be against everything he stood for, there was never such organized resistance to him. I believe that, in itself, speaks volumes for just how terrible and inhumane Trump is. Now if only his followers will just awaken from their deep sleep …

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    • It is inspiring. I don’t know if his 38% will ever wake up. He’s so vile and they love that. He’s damaging our post WWII institutions and they love it. He lies like a rug and they believe him. He makes fun of a disabled reporter and the crowd cheers, he contradicts himself and undermines his stupid codependent staff’s efforts to cover up his gaffs and illegal statements and they don’t connect any dots. In defense of some of them, they may be too busy dealing with more immediate needs and don’t have time to get more information and some may be rightfully bitter in life because they’ve been through too much and that makes the story even more sad: this carpetbagger has come in and co-opted a democratic message to manipulate these people into thinking he’s going to solve their problems. And he set them up to believe that if he fails it’s everyone else’s fault because he systematically undermining their confidence in Democratic institutions. I also think that there are a certain number of trump voters who are just not nice people and I don’t see circumstances as being an excuse because from what I’ve observed they are not struggling in life.

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